How to Have a Bigger Space in Five Simple Steps

Posted by Tristan Angelini on 10 November 2021

Having your own personal space has become so important for everyone especially after what has transpired over the year. Not just a space, but big enough for so many things. There’s just something satisfying when you have enough room for not just doing chores or your work, but also for other recreational activities. While having a bigger available space is something everyone wants, sometimes we just have to work with what we’ve already got.

Restricted spaces can be difficult yet challenging. There are factors to consider, but achieving sufficient space for all your stuff is most definitely not a hopeless case. Here are some useful tips to turn a small space into something spacious where you can do more.

Walls in Light Color Paint
Darker colors tend to absorb light instead of reflecting them which makes a room or space look much smaller. Lighter colors, on the other hand, both on the walls and the floor create that airy vibe making it look like you have more available space. This is mostly why so many navigate towards the color white because it gives that illusion of a larger room as it allows light to bounce off walls.

Make Use of Mirrors
Another trick to give that illusion of more space is to use mirrors – most especially large ones. Mirrors could visually double the size of a room but the placement has to be strategic to get that maximum effect. For instance, placing mirrors across a window is a good way to reflect a good amount of light from outside which will definitely make a room feel and look much larger.

Opt for Low Furniture
If you can, you may want to keep your furniture low. Low furniture gives your area the feeling of spaciousness because there’s more space above it. Leg-style furniture also does the trick because it opens up some space below, giving your room much more space to look at. Large furniture tends to look bulky and will only make a room feel more compact. Another tip is to find dining chairs that you can insert under the table when not in use. This will allow for more room to move around.

Use Multi-purpose Items
Owning too much stuff that essentially has the same purpose can create clutter and mess in your home. Why not try to be more creative and make use of multi-purpose items and storage systems. If can find furniture or items that can be used for other things as well, that would allow for more room. One great example is an ottoman that can be used to sit on and store things that are not necessarily used a lot.

One Large Item or Furniture
Buying several smaller items to fit in available spaces to store stuff will eventually accumulate and could create a messy space. It’s better to buy one large piece of furniture where you can put everything in rather than smaller pieces will help your home achieve a cleaner look and would make your space look substantially bigger.

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