Choosing the Right Colours in Your Home and Why It Matters

Posted by Tristan Angelini on 26 November 2021

Colour is such an important element in art. The way colors bring something to life is such a satisfying experience for us as human beings. Like creating art, creating your own space is more than just the little details to make it appealing like choosing furniture, buying appliances, and installing systems. It’s also about the expression of yourself and how you want to feel inside your home. Last year’s events reminded us about the importance of a safe and comfortable space for everyone.

Choosing a colour for your home is instrumental to your many day-to-day activities, especially now that it’s become more than just a place to retire at the end of an exhausting day. Why does choosing colors that work for you matter? Here are some of the reasons to convince you to take your time choosing the right ones for your home.

Colors Influence Mood

One of the most powerful things that color does is its ability to set the mood and the ability to influence the way we feel. While it is incredibly underestimated, nobody can deny that colours really are powerful. For instance, if you want to enhance the mood of your guests, experts recommend furniture pieces with bold colours to add to your home. It’s always a good idea to opt for an uplifting, happy space according to Bree Leech, an interior designer, and stylist. There’s something about a space that does not take itself way too seriously.

For a much more relaxed area in your home, muted greens would look nice in bedrooms while earthy tones of terracotta would look divine in areas in the house like the living room. As for a mood-enhancing color, interior decorator Katie Ridell is partial to violet while for a more soothing tone, soft pinks or happy yellows would look amazing.

Increases Productivity

The pandemic has made it possible for people to do work and for students to study at home. While slowly everything is going back to how we originally do things, most people still prefer to do remote work. Experts suggest adding bright colours such as vibrant yellows or rich blues to your designated workspace. These colours signify calm and confidence, plus, they encourage ideas and promote an engaging environment.

Elements that remind us of the outdoors could also provide better focus. Having too much white on walls and in your space could probably be counterproductive because it might give off a feeling of being clinical.

Adds Character

Colour just adds character to everything, and tells a lot about a person such as what they’re into and what they enjoy doing. It doesn’t have to be complicated and doesn’t need to follow certain rules. If you know what looks good with what, then it’s going to be much easier.

These days, people are getting more creative and choosing styles to create a colour palette. For instance, neutral shades for furniture and investment pieces matched with more playful colors for smaller items and accessories. It’s all about mixing and matching. Find pieces and colours that really spark joy in you (Marie Kondo would be proud). If you keep following the trends and what people think to look good, you will never be satisfied with your space.

Style is important, but you have to really think about what you want your space to look like. After all, what matters is how you feel about your home, and if it makes you feel good, then who’s to say that you have a poor taste?

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