Updates on New Fees for Building Practitioners in Victoria

Posted by Tristan Angelini on 16 February 2022

The Master Builders Victoria posted a recent announcement made on February 11 on their website regarding the fees that building practitioners would need to take note of. The new fees structure would include both new registrations and renewals.

Along with the announcement are the reasons regarding this new structure. Victorian Building Authority explains that the new fees would help improve the practitioner’s compliance and the VBA’s process as a regulator. The structure would also mean cost recovery for the VBA as a self-funded regulator plus, it would encourage more practitioners to become better at their skills with the help of the free program Practitioner Education Series with improved technical guidance. The fees will also cover protection for consumers, and lastly, improved VBA processes which would make it easier for practitioners to apply or renew their registrations.

As much as the explanation is reasonable, Master Builders Victoria is concerned about it especially at a time like this. The MBV reasons out that the fees could potentially hurt small to medium enterprises especially because of the ongoing impacts of the pandemic due to the COVID-19 virus to different industries. All the lockdowns, restrictions, vaccination mandates, material and trade shortages, and fixed contract terms most definitely affected the economy and the industries. However, MBV also acknowledges that the building and construction industry needs a regulator that is consistently funded. The fees may be deemed necessary but they could also become a burden to many.

The Master Builders Victoria adds that they will continue to communicate and engage with the government and the VBA to consider other alternate models regarding the fees. They see this as an important strategy to lighten the burden on all members.

Time and time again, the MBV reiterates that the building and construction industry is necessary for the economic recovery of all states. The jobs that the industry creates and the doors that are opened – are important parts of the economy. Currently, the industry contributes 50% of the state of Victoria’s overall revenue. It is noteworthy that for every $1 million spent in building residential property, $3 million is generated in further economic activity.

The Master Builders Victoria asks that additional measures will be put in place in order to make sure that the increase in fees such as this new structure would not be a requirement in the future.
We will keep you posted on updates about this matter.

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