Kitchen Makeover: Things You Should Know

Posted by Tristan Angelini on 13 November 2023

Kitchens are indeed the heart of a home, and that's something that no one can disagree with. It's the place where we cook our food, gather and make lasting memories with friends and family. More than any part of the house, it's no surprise that more money and time is spent in order to make it suitable for your needs. And for those reasons, it's important to make design choices that will last and you won't regret.

Designing a beautiful yet functional kitchen requires commitment as well as making intelligent decisions. You don’t want to spend all your money only to have major regrets later on. Here are some things you should consider when designing your very own kitchen space.

Don't force a butler pantry.

Nowadays, butler pantries have become so popular among homeowners that they almost seem like they must be included in a floor plan. So, what is a butler's pantry? It's an area in the house that is built between a kitchen and a dining area. Traditionally, butler pantries are found within large homes. But it has become more common recently, even in medium-sized ones. The truth is, not all floor plans are able to handle a butler's pantry, also known as scullery, especially if not everything is carefully considered.

You should first consider how including a butler's pantry will serve you and if the space in your home allows it. Otherwise, don't force it just for the sake of having one.

Don't always follow trends.

While trends are great to follow if you'd like your house to always look new and up to date, you should also not settle with something you don't want just because it's "popular". For instance, there was a time when white-washed homes were the trend, and it seems still true to this day. And because it's what everybody wants these days, it does not mean you should do it too. Always make it a point to choose what you want to see in your home and what you find comfortable. After all, the kitchen is much more exciting to use when you love what you see.

Lighting is key.

The kitchen is a space where so many things are going on at once. It is both a valuable and high function space, so good lighting is very important. But another thing to consider is to create a mood with lighting, so anytime you feel like hosting a lunch or dinner with some friends, you don't have to worry about it too much.

Shelves are necessary.

Shelves are extremely important in a kitchen, and while a lot of people are increasingly opting for open shelves, it should not always be the norm. In many cases, open shelves are great for homeowners with really interesting or creative items, but if you're not one of those, you should go for cabinets to reduce visual clutter, and it could also help your kitchen look more put together.

Say no to cheap hardware.

Nowadays, when you're building a space in your home and want to save up a few bucks, it's so easy to go for cheaper alternatives, especially regarding hardware. However, the goal is not always about the aesthetical appeal but the overall value for money. If you don’t have enough budget for high quality hardware such as electroplated or organic brass, you can go for gunmetal or chrome for your tapware and handles. These are great if you want your kitchen to look more balanced.

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